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Shop the Look: Adidas of 2021

If you are looking for a quality Adidas basketball sneaker that remains high-quality while also deliver the necessary performance & security on basketball courts, the odds are that I can help you out with that.

I’ve been preparing the list of Adidas’s top 10 shoes for 2021 for a long time, but it did take me quite a while to get the job done. To be honest, though, this is partly because I’m not as familiar with them as I was in previous years. Nevertheless, now that the list is here, let’s get right off the bat!


Response CL

This Response CL, from my point of view, is one of Adidas’s best retro products of 2021. As you may have noticed, the shoe’s look is quite distinctive and can easily stand out in the sneaker market of today.

The refined construction of the millennial-vintage look, coupled with many techs, say, the classic Adidas midsole and outsole, presents to us a product that integrates the rich historical assets of Adidas. The Response CL is quite eye-pleasing, if not a feast for the eyes.

In spite of that, it is a pity that there is no much publicity of the shoe, not any joint production, either, which makes it little-known in the sneaker circle. But as a pair of sneaker, it definitely has such glaring and essential components as security features, impact absorption properties and a proper build to hold your foot in.

SPEZIAL x C.P. Company

Something similar happened with SPEZIAL. In the great wave of retro in recent years, the so-called German Army Trainer shoes are also a big trend. However, even with numerous German Army Trainer, Adidas invested its energy in a product that is almost the same as Maison Margiela, which is really jaw-dropping for me.

The two brands previously had a big cooperation back in 2018, one of which featured SPEZIAL. And because 2021 happened to be the 50th anniversary of C.P. Company, they made this very special SPEZIAL Italia, which can be considered as Hybrid. The final product is actually a wonderful mixture of the virtues of German Army Trainer and the lightness of retro shoes.

Therefore, with this, one cannot say that there are no good sneakers of Adidas. Although there aren’t as much hype of SPEZIAL x C.P. Company as the others, all that matters is how comfortable and helpful the shoe actually feels while you’re moving in them.

Yeezy 450

To tell the truth, I had no the intention of choosing the Yeezy 450 because it can’t live up to my expectation of being a comfortable shoe. But on second thought, I still picked the Yeezy 450 because of the way the Yeezy line is going right now. It seems the Kanye has ambitions to revive the Knit Trend that once overwhelmed the industry. But if you wanna some comfortable sneakers, this Yeezy 450 is definitely a good choice.

As a matter of fact, several Yeezy products that were successively released have been Knit-style, including the odd Knit Runner and the Yeezy 350 V2 CMPCT. But just pay attention to the sneaker circle and see whether the Yeezy can be the cult of the world.

Yeezy Foam Runner

This should be a product that leads and promotes the trend of sneakers in 2021. Driven by Foam Runner, there are quite a few such Injection products in the whole industry in 2021 and Crocs has become a widely enjoyed brand again, which, of course, should also be credited to its own efforts.

If you have the opportunity to compare the design complexity and details of various products, you will find that Foam Runner is still a very leading product. Although strictly speaking, Foam Runner should be placed in the Top 10 of Adidas 2020, 2021 is truly the year when it had a huge impact on the global scale considering its release area, style quantity and quantity. So it is 2021 Adidas top10 deservedly.

Forum Low

In fact, in the whole Slam Dunk comics, there are very few Adidas sneakers. But this Forum Low just stands out among the various Asics sneakers. Its colorway is of vibrant green, and made of high quality materials, it can present the same elegance as their team uniforms in the picture.

In fact, there are many Forums with different colorways in 2021 and many of them are equally excellent. Although the Forum Low is not co-branded, it’s safe to say that it is flawless in its performances. We all know that there are some who are prone to perfectness and may think that there’s still room for improvement in its details, say, using the open foam in the tongue area.


Tmac II

Objectively speaking, in 2021, the retro products of Adidas Tmac II is more reasonably launched and the brand has also done a much better job compared with what it did several years ago. So, in contrast to my low expectations I had of it , I am now very satisfied with the overall situation of the Tmac II.

I know you may have complaints about it,saying that it is definitely no match for the other shoes of this list. But let’s skip the negative impressions it left on us previously. Just think that it is now priced at a very low price, which makes it within our tether, I think it can be still listed as one of the cost-effective sneakers.

Trae Young 1

The Trae Young line is also impressive, although it seems a little desperate to release signature shoes so early for Trae Young, who is so young and controversial in his overall playing style. But like the then Mitchell series, the first product of Trae Young turned out well. Besides, the Lightstrike and Boost are well balanced in the placement and proportions.

But regarding the prices, it is a different story. The sad thing is that there is a big gap between the price consumers can accept for Adidas’s actual combat basketball shoes and the brand’s own pricing.

Adizero adios pro 2

When so many runners win marathons wearing the AdiZero Adios Pro 2, it seems impossible not to put these shoes in one’s top 10 of the year. And I am no exception. It has to be made mention of that when brands adjust their product focus, they can still produce very satisfying products. And Adidas is just a case in point.

Of course, there is also a question that needs to be considered. With the success of Adios Pro 2.0, what products will Adidas use to carry on the heat in the wider runner market? Well, it seems to be a hard nut to crack.


It should be mentioned that this is merely a list for my ideal Adidas in 2021 and you can also keep your own views. For someone who values their dollar and cares a lot about the details , there’s much more to know about the shoes than just a list and brief information here, that’s for sure.

So having a bit more knowledge & more shoes at your disposal certainly will do you god. As for those who may have a lot of worries or puzzles about the foregoing shoes, I think trying the shoes on is  the best.