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Air Jordan 3 Performance Review

Electrified was I when I received my first pair of Air Jordan 3. I think many of you, also fans of the shoe line, have had similar experiences and can therefore identify with me. Here I am gonna present to you my comprehensive Air Jordan 3 performance review.

As yet I’ve played in this sneaker for no more than 5 months, but I deem that this is enough for one to get intimate knowledge of a model. So after 5 months of hooping and shooting on both indoor and outdoor courts, I’ll break it all down from the fullest possible perspectives in this review.

AJ3 is actually the first pair of shoes with the LOGO of the iconic “wings” and also installed with quite a few hardcore technologies. But how does it feel in it? Is it suitable for outdoor courts? Can it stand the test of high-intensity play?

Let’s find out in the following review.


AJ 3’s wrapping is definitely the most satisfactory for me. But let’s dive right into the details. The biggest advantage of it is the full-foot inner-bootie that plays a significant role in offering excellent wrapping performance. As I have mentioned in another review that the lacing system of PG2 is unscientific because the lacing system is too far down, resulting in no significant difference in the wrapping performance between the inner-bootie and the anterior inner-bootie. But AJ 3 is a different story. The high-top design and the lace holes very close to the mouth together make it easy to adjust and tighten the shoe while also having the same wrapping effect as those one-piece models, which is quite satisfying, to be honest.

But what are the vamp materials and how about the vamp air permeability? Will it bring on stuffiness underfoot, not least in burning hot summer days?

Well, you need not worry too much. Although I have little aware of how the vamp materials are blended, they won’t cause any stuffiness at all. In the inner-bootie there is a mouth on either side, and the midsection of the vamp is relatively thin, leading to very good air permeability. You can even see the color of your socks from the middle area of the vamp, which is a testament to how breathable the shoes are.

But just get ready for stuffiness if you wear elite socks in the summer. Well, buddy, you can’t expect to enjoy super excellent air permeability while wearing the elite socks. With that kind of socks, the designs for improving breathability will be nothing more than ornaments.


How much security can this AJ 3 provide for us? What about the stability in these? Just like other Air Jordan shoes, this one’s also got TERRIFIC heel stability. Yes! I mean every single part of the word. On top of that, with the inner-bootie wrapping and the additional heel modules, the external colloid, the inner cortex and the inner TPU, you’ll feel quite secure for your heels are firmly locked and stability is also ensured in the ankle parts.

Meanwhile, the relatively hard midsole material combined with the high density of the heel also ensure the stability of the midsole, and the anti-torsion performance of the shoes is also extremely excellent. Although the forefoot support is a bit disadvantaged, the heel and midsole stability have improved the shoes’ protection performance to a great extent.

If you don’t care much about cushioning but attach great importance to wrapping and protection, the AJ 3 might be one of the best options among those of the same price.


The traction must be very good with so sophisticated grains in the outsole?Well, initially I also had great confidence in the outsole that is made quite complex, believing that it would bring me a dandy traction. And luckily, it turns out to be so, but on the other hand, unfortunately, along with the complex patterns comes the problem in durability.

In recent years, there are quite a few signature shoes whose outsoles are designed complex in order to look more fashionable, and this AJ 3 is no exception. Although the more complex lines can really enhance the traction, to tell the truth, however, the patterns seem somewhat flashy if compared with the traditional one-way corrugated lines, and the outsole durability therefore becomes kinda risk factor. What a sad trade-off!

When it comes to the traditional one-way corrugated patterns which I believe you have seen in many other models, simple as they look, they can also offer effective traction while ensuring good durability at the meantime.

As for the traction of AJ 3, for all the relatively poor durability, it is nonetheless very good. It is safe to say that it even prevails over that of many high-end sneakers. So the durability put aside, the traction can be said to be super satisfactory.


You know what? Many reviewers including me all agreed that the cushion is a faulty part of the shoes. Though there are cushion techs, the cushion performance actually doesn’t live up to its reputation. For the heavier and bigger players, the cushion can be more obvious. But for me who weigh 80kg, I am awakened to the existence of the cushions only when I am deliberately feeling its performance.


Is this AJ3 suitable for actual outdoor plays? Well, depending on what you require of it, the answer may be quite different. From my point of view, however, it is definitely not the ideal model for actual plays, but lowering my expectations, I found that it is not bad, either. To be more straightforward, I even feel it very good in a sense.

The AJ 3 features a surprisingly good traction which may be an equivalent to that of kyrie3. Over and above that,with solid inner linings, its wrapping is also dandy. But the cushion is not so soft and also disappointing. And adding insult to injury, the durability is poor, leading to conspicuous damages to the shoes. When there are sudden stops, you’ll find deformations and wears out there, not least in the high-use areas.

Although it is not an ideal model for me, I think it still has some merits that deserves compliments. But however good or bad you may think of the AJ3, I’ll just stop here and leave it to your own devices to decide if it is your right one.