2022 adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “Onyx” HP8739 On Sale




Actual in-hand images have yet to be reveled, but thanks to Yeezy Influence we have a snapshot of what they’ll look like. For this forthcoming makeup, Mr. West decides to go with the monochromatic motif and cover the easy-on easy-off model with a full “Onyx” outfit. The shoe comes crafted with part EVA foam and part algae and is designed with a plethora of breathable holes for ample breathability and comfortability. As per usual, Three Stripes branding is positioned at the heel in small fashion.

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Men: US10.5=UK10=EUR44 2/3, Men: US10=UK9.5=EUR44, Men: US11.5=UK11=EUR46, Men: US11=UK10.5=EUR45 1/3, Men: US12.5=UK12=EUR47 1/3, Men: US12=UK11.5=EUR46 2/3, Men: US7.5=UK7=EUR40 2/3, Men: US7=UK6 1/2=EUR40, Men: US8.5=UK8=EUR42, Men: US9.5=UK9=EUR43 1/3, Men: US9=UK8.5=EUR42 2/3, Men:US8=UK7.5=EUR41 1/3, Women : US4.5=UK4=EUR36 2/3, Women : US5=UK4.5=EUR37 1/3, Women: US4=UK3.5=EUR36, Women: US5.5=UK5=EUR38, Women: US6.5=UK6=EUR39 1/3, Women: US6=UK5 1/2=EUR38 2/3


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