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Air Jordan React Elevation Performance Review

Want the forefoot Zoom and the rear React? Want that inviting setup with a competitive price? If these are what you want, you’ll probably love today’s Air Jordan React Elevation review then. Along with other sneakers, I’ve played in these for almost two seasons and the several outdoor courts in my neighborhood have also witnessed that. Although I’ve also jammed a few sessions on indoor courts, I am a big advocate of outdoor play, mostly on concrete and blacktop ones.

So as to put all things into perspective, I am gonna break down the shoe from a practical point of view so that you may better form your own idea as to whether these are your thing. So let’s waste no time and dive right into the review.


Can the sneaker wrap your feet very well? Will there emerge any issues like slippage on court?

Well, objectively speaking, the wrapping is merely mediocre from the actual-play standpoint. Although many AJ shoes are outstanding in this aspect, the Air Jordan React Elevation just acts in an opposite way, though not to the point of unplayable.

When in static conditions, the wrapping actually feels good and I feel my feet firmly locked inside the footbed. But to most people, it is the on-court wrapping that really matters. So, to my dismal, while I was running on court, I encountered several slippage inside the shoes, though not very obvious. So to avoid possible slippages inside the shoes, I had to turn to wearing relatively thick socks. With that and the laces tightened, the wrapping just turn out to be  nice.

In addition to that, I should say that you might as well get ready for the slight toe bumps. But don’t misapprehend that. The case doesn’t go for everyone. In other words, whether there will be toe bumps rest with personal foot type. So regarding this problem, it’s highly recommended to take a try in the flesh.



How’s the impact absorption and what about the energy return properties? What about ride height, comfort, and stability?

A zoom sits in the forefoot of the Air Jordan React Elevation and a react accompanies the rear area of the foot. Sounds like a really nice cushion setup, isn’t it? Surely this is an ideal setup for many people and there’s no other way to put it.

As soon as I put the shoes on, I could instantly feel the energy feedback from underfoot. So unlike other sneakers, there’s no need for me to take a couple of sessions to really start feeling the cushion’s full potential. Things are just as awesome as they sound.

The Air Jordan React Elevation does offer super well-balanced and comfortable cushion that is terrific for guards but also works for almost everyone else. Could players of the explosiveness style feel too much in it? Well, hardly not the case! It’s safe to say that this is a happy medium for just about anyone who steps foot in these.

In fact, I was also surprised about the uncommonly heel impact absorption and protection. The rear cushion is actually a bit too thick and so the ride won’t be very low to the ground. If you are used to playing on both your forefeet and heels and you happen to be a heavier player, you’ll feel that this setup is quite omnipotent.

In spite of all that, I think these are still far from the potential of the shoe’s cushion setup and you can always expect surprises from it. But it should be mentioned that if you are the one who prefers having a very responsive ride that’s low to the ground and super agile, this cushion may not be as good as you expected.



As is mentioned, the rear cushion is thick and the ride is therefore not very low to the ground. The React feels good though, it cannot be said as a brag model. According to my own experience, I always feel a little unstable on court, which, I think, can be attributed to the heel’s being thick.

So the cushion in fact a mixed blessing. If you wanna its nice cushion performance, then you must take its good with the bad.


Can the outsole bite aggressively? How long will the outsoles last then?

Again the Air Jordan React Elevation features the herringbone pattern that is widely seen in lots of sneakers. But that is not the whole story. The herringbone areas are made of rubber while the area indicating “zoom” is made of crystal materials.

Usually I play 8 to 9 hours every week, on the abrasive surfaces mostly, and most of the time the traction was superior, if not top-ranking. In a word, I’ve so far hadn’t issues with the Air Jordan React Elevation in this respect.

Definitely, it’s not the most aggressive traction under the sun and not everyone needs much traction. For me, however, the traction bites aggressively on various grounds, right to the point, though a bit inferior on indoor smoother courts.

I also want to mention that dust and debris are both likely to get stuck in the grains, so a few occasional wipe-downs of the outsoles will help a great deal. But don’t be worried. Even if you don’t want to do the wiping, you won’t be sliding all over the place, either.



The React Elevation currently has two colorways for rubber outsole and crystal outsole. Personally, I’ve chosen the crystal one. So you may have guessed that the crystal one is no match for its counterpart.

At present, there are slight but visible wears on the front areas. Though the crystal outsole is not seriously damaged and the materials are not super wear-resistant, I think it is still playable, not least when considering the sneaker’s price.

But for those of you who prefer playing on concrete courts, it is crystal clear that you should choose the rubber ones.

Surely I can’t say accurately how long the shoes can last, but judging from the condition of my shoes, I think they are still able to accompany me for another 2 seasons.


Can you go true to size or is it a must to deviate from your usual choice?

The React Elevation is a bit bigger in size and here it is recommended to go down 1/2 a size. On a personal note,  I usually pick up Nike/Adidas size 43 and for this, I chose the size 42.5 which is also US9.

Once again, to ensure a most satisfying experience, you are suggested to have a try so that any discomfort or hassle can be avoided. And if you cop the right size, the shoe will only be snug, near one-to-one fit.



The React Elevation is surely an awesome sneaker. It does deliver almost everything I require and impresses me deeply. Although it does have shortcomings, its flaws cannot overshadow its advantages. Most important of all, it is not as expensive as other AJ sneakers which are excellent though. After all, for many of us, when we meet some sneaker that is deeply after our own heart, we can also be scared off by its jaw-dropping price.

Being low-profile, the shoe doesn’t get as much attention as others. But it doesn’t mean it is not good. Instead , if you are someone seeking a nice cushion and traction, it should be a surprising package for you. And for those of you who play a lot on outdoor courts, you’ll probably dig this one a lot.