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Did many of you mistake this JORDAN SUPREME ELEVATION for AJ32 when you first saw it? Well, I think that must be the case for many of you. For me, to be frank, my first glance of the shoes did left me the impression that it was right the AJ 32 because their vamps are just very similar to each other.

Despite that, after getting some more knowledge of the shoes I found that the SUPREME ELEVATION actually has its own merits and deserves its own name rather than being called the substitute of AJ32.

Now that I’ve got used to the shoes and also got intimate knowledge of it, I’d like share with you my detailed thoughts and here’s my JORDAN SUPREME ELEVATION, based on 5 months’ hooping and shooting on indoor courts mostly. So let’s begin!



Now that many people, including me, think the JORDAN SUPREME ELEVATION and AJ 32 are similar in their vamps, I’ll then talk about this respect so that you may know if this one suits you.

In terms of the wrapping, if you have experienced the AJ 32 before, you’ll find a similar feeling on these as well. Personally, when I first tried on the shoes, all I could feel was that my feet had been tightly locked in all directions and the vamp as well as the sidewalls both fit my feet snugly and tightly just like a pair of socks.

The merit of its excellent wrapping is that it makes me feel very secured even on high-intensity plays. In the forefoot portion there’s a Velcro which is no decoration but actually improves the wrapping to a terrific extent. Excellent as it is, it is somewhat a mixed blessing. With the Velcro I now feel it rather tight underfoot and sometimes even a bit burdensome. So while I was playing on court, it was sometimes a must to stop to adjust the wrapping.

Overall, in spite of problem, it just does what it’s supposed to do – lock you down, and the overall sense of security is definitely there.

Sizing guide

Along with the wrapping comes the sizing guide. For me, in order to get rid of the hassle mentioned above, I had to buy another pair of shoes with bigger size just two weeks after I got the first pair. So, to help you avoid this issue and make sure your feet feel more comfortable, here is the recommendation. For the regular foot types, the regular sizes should also be fine. But if you think you’ve got wide feet or high insteps or if you are flat footers, it’s highly recommended to go up 1/2 a size. Nevertheless, it’ll be best if you can try them on in person. After all, personal experience is always more accurate than others’ advice.


While the wrapping is great, its support is good as well, but not to the point of outstanding. The vamp support is slightly weaker than that of the AJ32, and while there is no obvious vamp distortion during high-intensity runs, it is not as airtight as the AJ32 in this aspect. But, definitely, you can rest assured because it is never flimsy.

Inside the heel area, there’s plenty of padding and also a large TPU for ankle & heel lockdown and my feet just get jammed in there very securely. The overall torsional support still isn’t top-tier though, it is enough for most players.

Nothing really to complain about here, but just that its support is not as excellent and impressive as that of AJ32.


Apart from the vamp, the other great thing about this pair of shoes is the midsole. There are two large Zoom Air separated sitting there as the core of the shoe’s cushioning setup. Aside from that there’s nothing new about it.

Unlike some relatively hard cushions, this setup of SUPREME ELEVATION doesn’t require me to take several sessions to get used to it and wait for it to fully break in and start working to its full potential. Instead, the moment I stepped on it I could feel the super nice comfort and softness it offered, though there do exist some differences in the feelings offered by the forefoot and heel areas respectively.

But have you found something special? Yep! I only said comfort and softness of the cushions but not its elasticity. That’s also the flaw of the cushion.

The foot feeling offered by the cushion is that it is soft enough but not elastic enough to provide forceful feedback when it is needed. In other words, the air pressure of the cushion is not enough and a bit unstable so that the rebound and impact absorption will be slightly insufficient. To make it more explicit, let me show you a brief comparison here. The LBJ16 is also equipped with visible air cushion, but the biggest difference is that its air pressure is high enough and so it feels quite hard to step on it. Of course there is no trade-off. The LBJ16’s cushion feels hard though, it also provides the top cushioning performance.

From my perspective, I cannot feel the rebound while playing. But my friend who weighs about 85kg said he could feel a bit cushioning performance from it. Though I cannot figure out the problem, I still think it unsuitable for bigger and heavier players.


The outsole of these is a bit novel and appealing. It is made of two thirds crystal and one third rubber. Then what about its performance?

The rubber area does give good feedback on the drive and the grip on both the infield and outfield is fine. Nevertheless, when it comes to the crystal area, there has appeared some obvious wear and tear after these several months’ play.

So since the durability on indoor courts has been that unsatisfying you can imagine how poor it would be on outdoor courts.


Another problem that needs mentioning is that the shoe’s center of gravity is high, which determines that it would be slow during startup. So for players who need explosiveness, these are not an ideal choice. And since I need not much explosiveness, I personally haven’t issues with this.

Putting that aside, the  JORDAN SUPREME ELEVATION is still an excellent model with its top-ranking wrapping and comfortable foot feelings. Anyway, depending on your personal needs I’ll leave it for you to use your discretion and decide whether it is a good one or not.