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ASICS Gel Hoop V12 Performance Review

To be precise, the ASICS Gel Hoop V12 is not my first ASICS shoe, but it is actually the one that impressed me most of those ASICS models I copped before. Now that I’ve got it for over a year now, I’ll break it down from the fullest possible perspectives in this long-term-based ASICS Gel Hoop V12 review.

In this article I’ll break down the shoe from its fit and comfort, wrapping, cushion, traction and durability, and some other details. Over and above that, I’ll also attach my ratings of its various performance for your reference, which I hope may do some help for you.

Let’s get started then!

1.Fit and comfort

How’s the shoe’s fit and what about the comfort? Is it a far cry from its reputation?

Sizing guide

I actually tried gel Hoop V11 last year, but I was still looking forward to the V12 because the size of V11 was a bit off and I didn’t really like the colorway. Luckily, this V12 didn’t fail me and it quite lived up to my waiting and expectation, though it is not perfect.

Personally speaking, although I am a wide footer, I can still go true to size of the shoe. It seems that my wide feet never had many problems with the V12. It has really a terrific regular fit and almost all foot types can pick their usual sizes. Therefore, regular size is good enough for me and it should be so for you! Nevertheless, should you happen to be super wide footers, you may buy the ones with relatively wide lasts. Therefore, don’t be too concerned about this aspect.


This is definitely not the lightest model under the sun, which is about 329 grams for a single one.  Although the shoe’s weight is an above average job, I don’t want to lie by saying it is a super comfortable model. The comfort, I’d say, is mediocre.

Initially the one thing that did me hassle me a lot was that the tongue was relatively thin compared with the majority of shoes on the market and after tightening the shoelaces, I felt my insteps were burdened and therefore not so comfortable. While I was on courts, I could definitely feel a certain extent of discomfort upon each step. But fortunately I’ve got used to it and each stride is now seamless and all is OK, if not after my own heart.

Hence , if you don’t mind this flaw, it is likely that this model is your thing. However, if you attach greater importance to this one over other respects, you may have to think before you act.


What about the vamp wrapping? And the overall wrapping? Is there any extra room inside the footbed?

If I should say that the shoe’s wrapping is perfect, it must be out of thin air. But if compared with the wrapping of other ASICS shoes I’ve ever worn, that of this V12 is second to none.

For me, the shoe just wraps my feet very well in all directions, and there is no uncomfortable feeling of pressure, if putting aside the flaw of the tongue. However, if I don’t keep my shoelaces very tight, the discomfort on the insteps has naturally been reduced to the minimum. With that, I can play to my heart’s content and even push the envelop for myself.

For those who are excessively worried about this, I can ensure you that I had no heel slippage, nor any side-to-side movements inside the footbed. And as I am a wide footer, there is barely extra room inside. Therefore, just rest assured and play to your heart’s content as well.

3. Cushion

How’s the energy return of this one? What about the ride height and stability then?

Well, in terms of the midsole, it is terrific for players like me who weigh around 75kg. On the personal note, I prefer to seek speed and make breakthroughs on courts. Therefore, when asked what my favorite shoe is, my answer is always consistent—I am always into those sneakers whose ride are quite low off the ground because I need not much cushion which may actually slow me down. Having said all that, I just want to say that these shoes feel the same way.

Unlike other models, I don’t need to play and wait for the midsole and the cushion to fully break in. As soon as I put it on, I can get accustomed to it, which makes me feel as if I’d known it long ago. To tell the truth, the ride in the forefoot is fairly low off the ground and rather stable at the meantime. Thanks to the resilient forefoot cushion that doesn’t overly compress so that I can enjoy the energetic ride with the forefoot propelling every step and jump.

As for the midsole of the rear area, it is actually quite thin. Fortunately, there is a small gel cushion embedded in the midsole. Otherwise, its cushion performance might really be the same as that of Curry 7, which is, to a sense, nothing more than decoration.

Fairly speaking, this is surely a superb jumper’s shoe. If you are also the player who are fond of seeking speed or the explosiveness style, you may find it quite after your own heart. Although it is not for everyone, nor is it a versatile model, it will definitely offer you a comfortable, stable and secure experience cushion-wise.

4.Traction and durability

When it comes to the outsole, the most concerned questions are as follows.

Can the outsole handle all manner of surfaces? Does it require frequent cleaning? What about its indoor and outsole durability? Well, here is the answer!

Although the outsole of this one is similar to the first generation, its performance has assured me that it is reliable. The circular radial lines on the front and back areas, also the high-use ones, are powerful and most of the time DEADLY! Well, I mean every single part of the word. For quick stops and transitions indoors, the outsole is quite reliable and there were several times when I seemed to be thrown off balance because I was running at a high speed

Nevertheless, as is said earlier, it is most of the time deadly. The reason I say “most of the time” is that the traction performance will be reduced when it comes to those courts with plenty of dusts or dirt. The outsole actually can be attractive for dusts and therefore it requires cleaning or even washing every now and then. So the traction is deadly most of the time instead of being so all the time.

In terms of the durability, like the Nova Surge, the outsole is very thick and has very deep lines, so I think it can stand the test of frequent outdoor cement plays. At least for my V12 , it is holding up relatively well compared with my other ASICS shoes that are in a sorry state after only several months’ play.


Compared with the V11, the biggest difference in the V12 is that the vamp has been changed from 3 layers to only 2 layers. And even if the design is still right to the point, it is undeniable that the hardness of the vamp is reduced to a certain extent.

But even so, the vamp support is still enough for on-court employment. While I was making lateral movement or changing directions, I still felt I was secured in it and so you needn’t overthink about this. But it should be made particular mention of that for heavier players, the vamp support may be not quite enough.

6.Other details

For the anti-rollover, there is an obvious extension in the lateral area of the forefoot while the outsole is also upturned, ensuring a nice overall stability.

And for anti-torsion, it is overall OK. But because the anti-torsion is only in the arch, and the vamp is not hard enough, the overall rigidity of the shoe is not that great. Of course, whether anti-rollover or anti-torsion, they can both be said to be excellent.

The last thing I want to mention is that the insoles are very thin and have many air holes, which reminds me of my worn shoes in the past, the Adidas Crazy Light 1.0. There were two pairs of insoles in those shoes, and one pair was similar to that of V12, which is very light with lots of air holes just to make the whole shoe extremely light. And I think, with 329 grams for a single shoe, V12 is really a good job.

Performance rating:

1.Overall wrapping: 9/10

2.Forefoot feedback: 7.5/10

3.Anti-torsion: 8.5/10


5.Overall support: 8.5/10

6.Vamp support: 7.5/10

7.Rear cushion:7.5/10

8. Anti-rollover:8/10

9.Overall protection:8/10

10.Overall stability:8.5/10



In general, for  lighter players, this is a pair of  sneaker that is nearly perfect. For me, it’s a pair of shoes that can improve my own athletic performance, in the same way curry 7 does. And for guards that belong to the speed-oriented or explosiveness style, it has almost met all the demands.

Definitely, it is not for everyone, but for those this V12 is born for, it is nearly perfect. So I’ll just stop here and leave it for you to use your own discretion to decide if this is your thing.