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Unboxing: Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low

For the majority of Air Jordan fans, good news is that a pair of brand new shoes, Jordan Legacy 312 Low, will be available this year. And what’s more electrifying is that the brand is going to release two colorways of the shoes for its fans to chose freely, the Art.No. of which are CD7069-116(the red one) and CD7069-004(the black one).

Although it is true that Air Jordan has never fallen short of new excellent shoes, this Jordan Legacy 312 Low still gets a lot of attention among its various counterparts because there must be something special about it. Here are details of the shoes.

For this red one that adopts the colorway of “Chicago”, it is rather tantalizing for many people. It is actually an all-match with our everyday wear, be it relatively monotonous or fancy.

For the heels, they are decrated with  red crack patterns, inheriting classic elements of Air Jordan shoes, and at the same time making the shoes distinctive.

As for the other colorway, it has also the eye-catching black crack patterns. And along with the translucent crystal outsole and the blue logo at the side and the red one on the strap of the vamp, which forms strong contrast, this black Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low can stand careful appreciation. As a matter of fact,  this black colorway, a bit different from the red one, has some more lingering charm, and the more one looks at it, the more he is to get obsessed with it.

It is worth noting that the design of the inside and outside Swoosh, respectively red and light blue, is inspired by the city flag of Chicago, which is quite a particular innovation.

Both shoes are low-top versions and are more than suitable for exercises during spring and summer. In the front of the vamp there are quite a few air holes, ensuring air permeability that is badly needed in those seasons.


According to the official, the two colorways will be available in 2022, but it is a pity that the exact release date is yet to be carved in stone. Priced at $130 which, objectively speaking, is quite cost-effective among the myriads of the AJ shoes, this Air Jordan Legacy 312 Low, I believe, will be a cult both inside and outside the sneaker circle.