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Unboxing & Deconstructed: NIKE KD 15

The new released NIKE KD15 looks like the Hyperdunk low series shoes from a decade ago.
The details of KD15 is abundant. It’s better than other teamwork basketball shoes. There are two pieces of TPU plate on both sides of the vamp which also covers the shoelaces area. It’s the biggest lightspot of KD15. Kevin Durant’s shoes are always easy to loose. So the part of forefoot shoelaces has several ways of shoelace holes’ design. The outer TPU can offer supporting performance. The shoelaces holes on the forefoot position is dense. It’s to improve the fitting performance.

The insole of KD15 uses full-length Zoom Strobel which is also used on KD12, KD13 & KD14.

It’s said that KD15 uses React insole before. The insole TPU uses hollow-out design. The strength of this piece of TPU is good. We can see the ZOOM Strobel from the hollow-out design. It also reduces the weight.

The outsole uses water ripple pattern. The traction performance should be good.

The shoe-pad of KD15 is a little stiff. KD13 & KD14 also uses stiff shoe-pad with Zoom Strobel air cushion.

What about the design of KD15? Do you like it?

We find an important problem on KD15 at the first look. The design of forefoot sole don’t have anti-rollover design.

With the height of the air cushion and insole frame, the center of gravity of KD15 is not low. The outboard of KD15 don’t have extra reinforcement and protection. The outboard is a little soft.

The insole is vertical without anti-rollover design. We just tried it and haven’t tested it on the basketball court. But we are worried about its anti-rollover performance.

We will test it and share the actual performance of NIKE KD15 with you soon.