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Under Armour HOVR Machina 3 Performance Review

Comparing with UA HOVR Machina 2, the UA HOVR Machina 3 has been modified a lot. The characteristics of Machina 2 is boosting and racing. And Machina 3 canceled the racing part, and emphasize on the balancing stabilization and comfort level. The vamp has many punching holes and take away the Pebax boosting plate which improve the comfort level and stability. And the vamp can fit your foot well. The overall weight of Machina 3 is lighter than Machina 2.


The vamp of HOVR Machina 3 was changed to multihole design. And the main colorway is creamy white. The instep position of shoe tongue is black gridding, and it has many punching holes to improve the air permeability. The middle part of shoelaces has two small pieces of fluorescent light green plate. The sole is decorated with fluorescent light green and black dots. The unit weight of US8 is about 301g. It’s 10g lighter than Machina 2.


It’s made of finishing treatment engineering mesh fabric. And it increases the quantity of punching holes to improve the air permeability and fitness.


It uses dual density UA HOVR cushioning system.

It uses push type design to offer the driving power.

It uses energy gridding design to offer cushion performance and resilience.

Outsole & other details:

The outsole of HOVR Machina 3 improve the durability on the position where is easy to wear and tear.


  1. PU track:

When running on the PU track, it’s very stable. It can protect the foot well. The cushion protect the foot well. You don’t need to worry when running on the curve.

  1. Composite pavement:

The composite pavement includes asphalt road, sidewalk and rugged road which can test the actual ability of a pair of shoes. When running on what kind of roads, it can absorb the impact from the road. With the double-deck UA HOVR insole, and the shoe heel design can fix the foot well, you can run easily.


HOVR Machina series shoes are classic UA running shoes. The Machina 2 uses Pebax boosting plate. It’s a pair of radical racing shoes. Machina 3 should have taken away the Pebax boosting plate. The boosting power is not so strong. It’s more stable. It can protect the foot when long-distance running. The usage of double-deck insole improve the stability and protection.


The vamp has multiholes design which improve the air permeability and fitness.

The double-deck insole integrate the boosting and air cushion.

UA Machina 3 improve the disadvantages of Machina 2. The air permeability of Machina 3 is also improved.